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June 25, 2006


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This blog has moved here.


June 22, 2006


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Well, moving. I’m getting the site set up now. There was some confusion about the domain name, so that may not work for a while (it will be You can access it now here.


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I’ve contacted my hosting service for my main blog to see how much they’d charge me to move this one there. If I moved, I’d put a forward here (the domain name would change) and leave this up for a couple of weeks (it’s brand new, so there probably aren’t a lot of links to here). We’ll see what my hosting service says. Frankly, sucks (you can’t edit any of your files, and you can’t use javascript). If it’s too pricey, I’ll stay here and live with it. Otherwise, I’ll move.

June 21, 2006

An Honest Disclaimer

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Although I’m no fan of PC-ness, or the idea that we have a right not to be offended, I do not intentionally offend, nor do I mean to. I don’t see the point of being intentionally offensive.

However, it is my blog, and I’m not very ecumenical. I think you should know that. There’s a reason I’m not an Episcopal, Lutheran, or Nazarene, and yes, there’s a reason I’m no longer Roman Catholic (don’t worry, I’ll get there). I’m not going to back away from anything I feel should be said, particularly to spare the sensibilities of the ridiculously thin-skinned.

Just so you know.

June 20, 2006

My New Blog

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I decided to move all the religious content off my main blog to here.

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